Msambweni – Kenya

Msambweni beach is one of Kenya’s more quiet and unspoiled beaches. Tucked away on the south coast, it can be reached after turning off the main Mombasa – Tanzania road, approximately 20 kilomteres south of Ukunda, and following a coral track through typical coastal coconut plantions, and small villages – interspersed with Mango Trees, Neem Trees, and the shade giving Terminaliacatappa’s with their broad ornage leaves.

The beach itself is not as wide as many other beaches on Kenya, and often has a steeper gradient into the ocean – this is due to the beach experiencing more ‘storm’ action, with crashing waves at high water – especially around spring tides.

There is a reef at Msambweni – however, the angle of the coast line, and the length of fetch between the reef and the beach both contribute to this effect.

The beach is realtively unspoilt – and does not have the number of ‘beach boys’, or curio stalls that are more prevalant on the busier resort beaches such as Diani and Malindi.

There are also fewer hotels along this stretch of coastline – and a much higher percentage of provate residences – many of which are available for holiday rental.

Msambweni is a bit of a throwback to the kenya coast of old – with the fishermen offering their catch of the day from a ‘kikapu’ at your door step, or the fruit seller cycling around to with a slection of fresh picked coastal fruits such as mangoes, paw-paws, limes, and coconuts.