Murchison Falls National Park

The Murchison Falls, also referred to as the Kabarega Falls, is a waterfall found on the course of the great Nile. It actually breaks the stunning Victoria Nile, that flows across Uganda’s northern region from the vast Lake Victoria to the deep Lake Kyoga and continuing to the northern tip of Lake Albert within the western arm of the great East African Rift. right on the peak of the Murchison Falls, the waters of the Nile force their way through a small slit within the rocks, which is just 7 meters or 23 feet wide, and topples to 43 meters or 141 feet below with a thunderous roar forming a residual water stray that forms a beautiful rainbow; the view is very breathtaking! From here it then continues its westward into the stunning Lake Albert.

The Lake Victoria outlet sends about 300 cubic meters per second or 11,000 ft³/s of water to these falls and all this volumes squeezed through this gorge that is actually less than 10 meters or 30 feet wide.These waterfalls are located within the Murchison National park which was actually named after these eye- catching waterfalls. The park is located in the northern region of the Albertine Rift Valley. This is the area where the huge Bunyoro escarpment joins together into the vast Acholi plains. The park is recognized as one of the best National parks in Uganda and as well it is well visited. In 1926, the park was a game reserve established to shelter the savannah grassland which was pointed out by Winston Church chill in the year 1907 as the grand Kew Gardens together with the wildlife combined on an confined land.
This park is recognized for hosting well-known international visitors. And Winston Churchill is the man who was certified to conduct activities like boat cruises, hiking in addition to cycling along the corridor of the Nile of these falls. However, as time went by, he was trailed by his forerunner who is supposed for have used up a large amount of money about (USD $1.8m) on his different hunting safaris within Uganda. Also note thatKidepo Valley National Park
Later in 1951, a movie was actually shot with a background scenery of these Murchison falls which was Humphrey Bogart in the John Huston’s famous movie. an additional movie was – African Queen that was shot in the surrounding area of the Murchison Nile and well as at Lake Albert. Other significant visitors include Queen Mother who visited in 1959 plus other British royals, as well as the Prince of Wales, Edward VII – visited in 1930, Ernest Hemingway as well visited these falls in 1954.
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The intention of his visit was merely to enjoy the splendid waterfalls even though his plan got a setback as he was going to venture the good-looking scenery of this Park. Hemingway together with his wife survived although they were admitted in Butiaba hospital where they received some treatment. Unluckily his plan failed. This park extends over an area of approximately 3,893 sq km and its recognized as one of well sheltered area in Uganda. This park together with Murchison falls cover an expanse of 5,072 sq km including Karuma and Bugungu wildlife reserves.The corridor of the Albert Nile lies on the lower plains at approximately 612 meters at delta point. The general temperatures reach an average maximum of 29C majorly form December to mid February, as well as in June and July. The rains are received from April to November